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Here is a list of some of the lakes I guide on with some pictures of fish caught by clients on them.

Lake Travis (fishing good right now and at full pool)

Surface area: 18,622 acres - Maximum depth: 190 feet - Impounded: 1942
Lake Record Largemouth: 14.21 lbs - Junior: 5.40 lbs

Address: 13579 Bullick Hollow Rd. Austin, TX 78726

Lake Travis is one of the larger freshwater lakes in central Texas. It has a diverse selection of areas to fish. It is known for quantity rather than quality but there have been some hawgs taken out of it in the past few years. In fact, starting in 2011, it has been the best for quality I've ever seen. Plenty of 4-5lb fish have been caught and some even bigger. That's pretty awesome for a lake that usually mostly produces 1-3 pound bass. This is also the best lake to take your kids. It's easy to fish and most likely your kids will catch the most fish here.

Walter E. Long (Decker) (#2 best average quality lake in Texas)

Surface area: 1,269 acres - Maximum depth: 60 feet - Impounded: 1967
Lake Record Largemouth: 12.21 lbs - Junior: 11.14 lbs

Address: 6517 Blue Bluff Road, Austin, TX 78724

Here's a nice little lake on the east side of Austin. It contains plenty of cover such as reeds and aquatic vegetation to hold those healthy florida strain bass. There are also hybrids in here along with some nice catfish.


Lake LBJ (fishing good right now)

Surface area: 6,449 acres - Maximum depth: 90 feet - Impounded: 1951
Lake Record Largemouth: 13.70 lbs - Junior: 7.30 lbs

Address: 1569 Hill Circle West Dr, Marble Falls, TX 78654

Lake LBJ is one of the best lakes in central Texas. It is also one of the largest retirement communities in Texas and is a constant level lake. It mainly fishes shallow so even the kids can catch the big ones here. The bite is usually good year round. It has Milfoil in it which holds good fish. 3-5 lb fish are common and usually there's a good chance at a 5-10 lb fish in the mix. It also holds lots of Guadalupe bass and on rare occassion a smallmouth bass. Other fish sought there are crappy, white bass, striper and yellow/flathead catfish.

Lake Bastrop (#1 lake in Texas for numbers)

Surface area: 906 acres - Maximum depth: 60 feet - Impounded: 1964
Lake Record Largemouth: 9.98 lbs - Junior: 4.50 lbs

Address: 630 FM 1441 Bastrop, Texas 78602

Lake Bastrop is only a little over 900 acres big but holds some good quality bass. It has a slot limit of 14-21 inches which helps one to catch plenty of 2-4 pound bass with a good chance at a larger one as well. Lake Bastrop is 45 minutes east of Austin nested in the Lost Pine Forest. It is a power plant lake which makes it a great choice for all year long and it has quite a bit of vegetation which makes a perfect habitat for the Florida strain bass you find there. This is a great lake to catch numbers and a great place to take the family or large groups.

Fayette County Reservoir (#1 best average quality lake in Texas)

Surface area: 2,400 acres - Maximum depth: 70 feet - Impounded: 1978
Lake Record Largemouth: 12.25 lbs - Junior: 5.20 lbs

Address: 4837 TX-159 Fayetteville, TX 78940

Fayette County is another power plant lake and it tends to put out even bigger bass than Bastrop. It has lots of vegetation to hold those big girls and you can also find them schooling up on shad throughout the lake in the summertime. Lots of 3-6 lb fish can be caught with an occasional bigger one. This can be a really fun lake with lots of numbers and quality.

Lake Buchanan (good chance at a big bass - hybrids and stripers as well)

Surface area: 22,211 acres - Maximum depth: 132 feet - Impounded: 1937
Lake Record Largemouth: 11.30 lbs - Junior: 4.35 lbs

Lake Buchanan is also one of the better lakes in central Texas and probably the best in Winter time. It fishes shallow as well and there's also a lot of big striper in the lake so any cast could have you hooked up on one of those as well. If you are after quality bass, this is a great place to go. In tournaments it almost always takes over 20 pounds to win here.

Marble Falls (Lots of good solid fish)

Surface area: 611 acres - Maximum depth: 60 feet - Impounded: 1961
Lake Record Largemouth: 11.18 lbs - Junior: 0 lbs

Address: 114 S Avenue H, Marble Falls, TX 78654

This lake is a little gem between more popular lakes, Travis and LBJ. It consists of shallow areas on the north end that has grass and flats where more topwater and moving baits seem to be best and the lower end which is much deeper and deep cranks and jigs seem to work best working the many ledges. There have been a lot of good quality bass caught from this reservoir.


Lake Falcon (best chance at a DD)

Surface area: 83,654 acres - Maximum depth: 110 feet at dam - Impounded: 1954
Lake Record Largemouth: 15.63 lbs - Junior: 11.70 lbs

Lake Falcon is the most awesome lake in the country. If you've never been to it, I would highly suggest going. Even in the blistering summer heat, when most lakes completely shut down, this lake remains on fire and giant 5 bass limits can still be caught. DD sized bass are still being caught in the middle of summer every day and not just a few. Book your fishing trip of a lifetime anytime on this lake. I also now offer all-inclusive trips. You can find out more about these at

Stillhouse Hollow (can be a good Central Texas lake)

Surface area: 6,429 acres - Maximum depth: 107 feet - Impounded: 1968
Lake Record Largemouth: 12.74 lbs - Junior: 9.25 lbs

Stillhouse has been, by far, one of the most productive lakes in the area. It's about an hour north but worth the drive. If you like grass, this is your lake. It has rocky areas as well that also produce good fish but usually not the quality the grass provides. There is also a small population of smallmouths on Stillhouse so there's a chance to catch a big smallie here as well.

Canyon Lake (decent with smallies and stripers as well)

Surface area: 1,599 acres - Maximum depth: 75 feet - Impounded: 1939
Lake Record Largemouth: 11.69 lbs - Junior: 6.24 lbs
Lake Record Smallmouth: 6.13 lbs - Junior: none
Lake Record Striped Bass: 38.12 lbs - Junior: 3.60 lbs

Address: 499 Old Hancock Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Canyon Lake can be a great lake with a big population of largemouth, some nice smallmouth, guadalupe bass, crappie and even stripers. In the last few years, several stockings have really filled this lake with some good quantities and quality of bass.


Lake Austin (not fishing well right now)

Surface area: 1,599 acres - Maximum depth: 75 feet - Impounded: 1939
Lake Record Largemouth: 16.03 lbs - Junior: 12.70 lbs

Address: 1601 Quinlan Park Road South, Austin, TX 78732

Lake Austin is a hidden gem in Central Texas. Some of the largest bass in the area have been taken from Lake Austin. If you are looking for that lifetime record bass, there's a good chance this is where you'll catch it.

Choke Canyon Reservoir (not fishing well right now)

Surface area: 25,670 acres - Maximum depth: 95.5 feet - Impounded: 1982
Lake Record Largemouth: 15.45 lbs - Junior: 11.71 lbs

Choke Canyon might just be the greatest lake in this country. Just look at the weights at Basschamps the last few years. What other lake, even in the world, have you ever seen 2 bass over 15 pounds brought to the scales in one tournament, which happened in March 2009 or 5 bass over 11 lbs in one tournament in 2006? There were at least 8 over 15 pounds caught in 2009. You will find every type of structure possible on this lake, except for docks since you can't build on it. It's nestled down in the valley of Texas, very secluded out in the brushy parts. It has an abundance of flooded trees and hydrilla which can produce big bass. There's a bunch to see here as well like some of the biggest alligators anywhere. Some over 20 feet long.

Lake O.H. Ivie (not fishing well right now)

Surface area: 19,149 acres - Maximum depth: 119 feet - Impounded: 1990
Lake Record Largemouth: 16.08 lbs - Junior: 13.59 lbs

Lake O.H. Ivie can be one of the most exciting lakes around with big bass caught yearly there. A few years ago, it produced the most big bass entered into the Texas Sharelunker program. Every year though, this lake produces some giant bass and even some nice smallmouth bass as well.

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